Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Cultural Landscape of the City

At a time of recession and weak recovery, how do you kick-start investment in a town that used to be the 'fastest-growing town in Europe'?

For the first project in the Foundation Degree course, I documented the work commissioned by Forward Swindon, the regeneration company owned by Swindon Borough Council. With many major private-sector led town centre regeneration projects put on-hold, a decision was taken to improve the 'public realm': streets, public spaces and thoroughfares in the main shopping areas.
This work was to give confidence to businesses, investors and the public that investment in the town was still happening and Swindon was committed to regeneration.

Working alongside Forward Swindon and the lead contractor on the work, Skanska, I documented the work on Regent Street and Canal Walk.

For more pictures from this project, click the link on the right to be taken to Flickr, or click here.

Canal Walk project : http://www.forwardswindon.co.uk/for-development/projects/canal-walk

Regent Street project : http://www.forwardswindon.co.uk/for-development/projects/regent-street

Green Walls project : http://www.forwardswindon.co.uk/for-development/projects/green-wall

Stacked Wall Fountain : http://www.forwardswindon.co.uk/for-development/projects/stacked-wall