Thursday, February 7, 2013

Would You Get The Lights?

Swindon's skyline, with Union Square's Phase 1, photographed from the roof of the Jurys Inn at Whalebridge tonight.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Last Day at the (Registry) Office

Today I got the opportunity to look around Aspen House in Swindon's Temple Street. Empty since 2009 and scheduled for demolition soon, it was also the home for Swindon's Registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths.

That means Aspen House has been one of the most important buildings in Swindon, registering every birth, marriage and death within the Borough during it's time.

One chair left, but no desk.

Still on the wall in the registry office.
The room where thousands of Swindon people got married.

The heavy door used to secure the strongroom containing the GRO Records (Swindon's Birth, Marriages and Deaths records).

The Civil Partnerships noticeboard.

The 2009 lists of the 100 most popular boys and girls names in England & Wales.

Details of the move to the Civic Offices.

From the roof, the Town Hall, Central Library and M.E.C.A.

From the roof, looking East/South-East.
From the roof looking North-East.
From the roof looking North.
From the roof down onto the registry office building and Temple Street.
From the roof looking North/North-West.

From the roof looking North-West.

From the roof looking North-West, showing the former WHSmith Bridge House, St Marks, the Outlet Centre, Renault Building, Westmead and Shaw Forest Park.

From the roof down to Granville Street Car Park and Havelock Street.

From the roof looking West.

From the roof looking South.

From the roof looking down to Commercial Road.

From the roof looking South-East towards the former Swindon College site. 

On the ground floor, the canteen.

Looking onto Regent Street from the Registrar's Office.

Monday, February 4, 2013