Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Let's Take The Stairs

Ed Howell taking in the view.

Getting a perspective on things often means stepping back from them.

Or in some cases, stepping higher, a lot higher!

As part of the project with Forward Swindon on documenting the Swindon Rail Station Forecourt work, Ed Howell and I were able to photograph from the roof of Swindon railway station today.

Looking South towards the town centre, with the silver David Murray John building dominating the scene. The blue glass building is the Western Regional offices of Network Rail and the lower white buildings in the foreground are the UK offices of Zurich Financial Services.

The 12-storey building, called Signal Point is the second highest building in Swindon after the David Murray John building at the heart of the Brunel Shopping Centre.

And the view, even on a blustery, cloudy day, was fascinating!

Looking down to the station forecourt, with Britannia Construction contractors at work on the new pedestrian plaza.
Over to the North side, with a First Great Western Westbound train arriving.