Friday, June 8, 2012

Swindon's Regeneration : Swindon, Works

Swindon's newest artwork gives a salute to the past and a glimpse to the future.

Today's unveiling of the newly refurbished Great Western Underpass gives a real hint of how Swindon has finally begun to embrace it's heritage as a key selling-point.

Along one wall is a set of portraits of rail workers through the ages, right up to the present day. Finished in Great Western green, the images are backlit, creating a dramatic installation piece as you walk between Churchward and Bristol Street. On the opposite wall, in big chunky steel lettering are the words 'Swindon Works'.

The quote from artist Bruce Williams sums it up nicely, "On the opposite wall in gleaming letters read the words SWINDON WORKS, which is the name of the site but could also read as a hopeful slogan for the future."

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