Friday, August 10, 2012

Swindon's Regeneration : The Final Piece

The tower of the former Swindon College is marooned amongst the piles of metal, glass, plastic and concrete as the demolition enters it's last few stages. This was the 10 storey tower that stood between the long rectangular block towards Victoria Road and the reception and hall at the Eastcott Hill end of the site. It's taken on the look of an oriental pagoda, helped by the one piece of sloping roof still clinging on.

The wall that's kept Eastcott Hill hidden from view for so long, is nearly all down.


  1. You had me for a minute with that oriental pagoda thing! ..

    Hmm, are there any pics/concept pieces to show what the view will be like after the new stuff has been built?

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  3. I really think it looked like an oriental pagoda, especially in silhouette!

    Developer Ashfield Land put up a document with artist's impressions and floor plans, copy and paste this link