Tuesday, October 4, 2011

From The Archives... London in 2005

Every photo has a story and this first one I've picked from the archive is no different. Taken from the window of an Air Canada Boeing 767-300 plane on approach to London Heathrow, if it hadn't been for snow, it wouldn't have happened.

I was returning from a holiday to Toronto, in the second week of the new year and due to heavy snow and ice my flight was delayed, and delayed and delayed and eventually around midnight we left, London-bound.

After a 4 or 5 hour delay, plus the 7 hour flight, we prepared to land and were treated to a spectacularly beautiful winter's morning over London, I had my Pentax Optio S4 in my pocket and started madly snapping away as we quickly sped over the centre of the capital.

With Waterloo Station, the Southbank, London Eye, Westminister Bridge and the Houses of Parliament, after the overcast, snow-filled skies of Canada, the view through the small window was an announcement of sorts for passengers aboard, "you're nearly home."

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