Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ways Of Seeing - Mock Thamesdown Campaign

Think of public transport and what do you think?

High fares, dirty seats, surly staff maybe? This can be a popularly-held view, however, for millions of people who choose and depend on buses, trains, subways, trams and metros, a reliable, responsive service has become integral to their daily lives.

The aim of the campaign was to, firstly, appeal emotively to the public about the service and secondly to link everyday events to use of the service - appealing to change people's idea of what the service is if they've never used it.

London Underground has a World-renowned brand and logo. (the bar and circle, or roundel), which has fostered incredible brand-loyalty since it's creation and use from 1908. There's no reason the strict and disciplined use of a logo and branding can't be applied to a local transport company for a town or city in the UK.

Some examples :

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Transport for London brand standards :

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